Client Testimonials

I’ve been going to Gina for approximately 4 years and I absolutely love my call-in sessions with her.  I have a busy life on the west coast and I don’t have time to see a psychic here.  I love the fact that I can just call her up and arrange a convenient time to talk to her.  She is so accurate with her predictions, I have steered at least 10 of my closest friends to Gina.  Well actually, my friends fish out who she is because so many predictions have come true that when they happen I will turn to my friends and say, Gina told me this was going to happen!  She is warm, friendly and honest and she will take time to work with you even if the 30 minutes is up.  Unlike other psychics, Gina is very specific with her readings and very accurate.  I would recommend her to anybody!  Thank you Gina for being my amazing guide through my crazy life.


Gina has been my friend and Tarot adviser since 1988.  She has helped me understand and learn about myself, the dynamics in my relationships, and how I have the power to change the energy around me to create a more favorable future.  She has a talent for turning a negative into a positive and inspiring others to embrace their solutions.

I am blessed to have her in my life.

Love you…Alina

Dear Gina, At the time of my most recent reading with you, I owned two houses and was trying to decide which one to keep and which one to sell.  I had pretty much decided to sell my new house and move back to my old house.  You told me that something about cherries would help me decide what to do.  About a week later, I was sitting in front of my computer and my 8 year old daughter came bounding in holding flowers.  She handed them to me and said, “Here mommy, these flowers will help you decide where to stay”.  The flowers were from a tree outside in the front yard that I was unfamiliar with.  Remembering my reading, I looked up cherry blossoms on the computer, and sure enough, that was what she had handed me!  I had never told her about the reading so I was TRULY AMAZED!!!  I decided to keep the new house and sold the old one instead.  It turns out that it was the absolute right choice!  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and helping me so much with such an important decision!  You are such a caring person and your readings are so accurate and insightful.  It is always a pleasure to talk with you and I look forward to having another reading soon!  Best wishes with everything!


I do not know how long I’ve been using Gina’s Tarot insights, but it has been a few years.  Gina has helped me choose paths that I had before me with solid results.  I consider myself intuitive, but by myself I cannot achieve the detail and level of perception that Gina does.  With Gina’s assistance, I can make solid decisions.  I will tell you that I was not sold in the beginning and did not use her recommendations.  Since then, I’ve learned they really do help me.  Gina does not tell me what to do.  What she does is give me better tools to make up my own mind.  I wish I had her insight and wisdom years ago.



I’ve been using Gina’s service for going on 5 years.  I cannot begin to state the times that she has been able to help me make decisions through her readings.  The accuracy has been unbelievable on what she sees regarding my personal and professional lives.  Gina’s view into my future has allowed me to make the right choice when job changed arise and actually stated the time period that it would take to sell my house and capitalize on the best offer that allowed me to sell in a very down market.

Gina’s predictions about my family again has given me strength to handle times of strife and allowed me to focus on other areas of my life when she stated that everything was going smooth in my family’s future.  Gina has also acted as my traffic signal in all aspects of my life.  If she says it is a go, I drive on.  If she says it is a stop, I stop or turn in the direction she gives me as the best option.  If she says proceed with caution, I will follow her lead and look for the possible obstructions she advises me on.  Gina is my GPS when I feel I need direction in what’s ahead for me and my family.

Lastly, I has been fortunate in finding Gina.  Through a co-worker of my wife, I found her.  I had readings before, by other readers that had used tactics that I felt led them to make predictions I wanted to hear.  Gina is so in tune with me, that when she preforms the reading,  I truly believe she sees who I am, what I have experienced in the past, and what options are best for me based on who I am.

Thanks Gina and you can count on me using your services into the future.  You know me better than I know myself.


Duane Augusta, KS

I have known Gina and her parents for over 20 years.  In that time period, I have had numerous readings that have proven she is a “one-of-a-kind” Tarot Card Reader.  I heard about Gina and her services through a spiritual friend, who told me flat out, “Go see her.   She’s very gifted and she will tell you the truth about various things going on in your life!  If you want a true, honest reading- brace yourself!  She may tell you things you may not be prepared to hear”.

To my amazement, she did tell me things that were a bit rocky, but she also acts like a guidance counselor and guides you through rough times and gives accurate direction with issues in life.  I swear, it’s like she lives w/you and people in your life.  Gina is almost always dead on revealing people’s personalities, characteristics and persona.  I definitely recommend a session with Gina at least twice a year to get a sense of where and how your life is going.

Thank you Gina for your time and patience and most of all- amazing wisdom!


My reading with Gina was really insightful and straight forward.  She answered the questions I had hoped to address ( this was before I even asked them!)  Gina is definitely genuine and truly loves what she does, read cards.

I’m so glad that there are still card readers like her around.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Priscilla Alanis
Los Angeles, California

I went to see Gina about two weeks ago.  She did a negative energy removal and also a Tarot reading.  The moment she put her hands on me, I could feel her energy!  I have not had a positive relationship in almost eight years and after seeing her, it was as if a “wet blanket” was removed.  I finally feel like I’m being seen for the woman I am now and getting lots of positive attention.

The Tarot reading was completely accurate and quite amazing… she predicted something that happened the very next day and knew things about me that I never share with anyone.  Not only is she talented with what she does but, she is a very kind and compassionate person that makes you feel comfortable.


Thank you again Gina for your wonderful insight!  You have such an amazing gift that I often wonder if you need those cards at all…You’re always so on accurate that I tell all my friends about you.  The one story that really gets them is when you were doing a reading for me a few years back and you asked me who was the short, older gentleman with something red in his hands, like a piece of cloth.

You told me he kind of watches over me.  I thought it might be my grandfather because he was only 5 feet tall and passed away when I was around 4 years old.  One day I was out to lunch with my parents and I asked them if my dad’s dad ever carried any red cloth in his hands that they could remember…my dad’s eyes filled with tears and my mom looked at me with a smile, remembering my grandfather, and she told me, yeah, he always carried his red hankie with him at all time.  I was floored.  Thank you Gina for being so real and using your gift to help people.


I will keep you updated…but girl…this one is gonna go down in history of you being so Right On The Money!  Or thanks to you and your advice, I made it happen.  Doesn’t matter, I’m so looking forward to this…

R.W.  in Las Vegas

The first time Gina read for me, she was just a teenager at her family’s boutique in Broadview Heights, Ohio.  Although she was young, she still has a very wise and insightful understanding of life and the surrounding circumstances.  Needless to say, I was very impressed and have had her read for me regularly for the last 15 years.  Gina still impresses me and I am very proud to know her and be in her circle of clients.  Clearly, she is a bright light in our world.

Thank you Gina,


I had received a reading from Gina a few weeks ago and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It was the best thing I have done for myself.  She was so accurate on the things that were going on in my life and knew details that no one else could possibly know.  She was a tremendous help in letting me know where I was headed in the future.

Also, she has helped tremendously with the trauma I have experienced in my life.  She has given me guidance and hope.  I will continue to only go to her and highly recommend her to anyone I know.  Thank you so much Gina!!


If you are looking for the “real deal”, well, you found it – Gina!  For me, time with her is something I look eagerly forward to.  It is well-spent and treasured.  The information she gives to me is not just general “stuff”- it is knowledge and that means empowering me to move forward!  I have found her readings to be quite specific.  After the first reading I had from her, I actually checked-off the things she mentioned as they occurred in my life ( yes, I am a bit over-organized ) and was completely shocked to find them all checked off within a few months!  To date, I still find her readings spot on, as long as I do not get in my own way and botch myself up, which you can do, I am finding out.

Her readings are delivered in a caring, gentle, warm fashion.  It is not easy to tell someone something they do not want to hear, but she manages to do it and make you understand some indications for its place.  The whole experience is basically a blanket you can wrap yourself up in and ride out whatever particular storm your life may be in at the time – give you things to think about, give you things to hold on to.

And when you call her up again (and you will), she remembers you!  Why?  Because you are important!  She has a wonderful sense of humor.  She helps you make better choices for yourself.  Don’t just look at her for your bad days, which nowadays they are more frequent than others.  Look to her as a regular part of life planning.  Talking to her opens up possibilities & ideas, & ideas,…and we can all use those!

Signed – M. Michele

I have had my cards read by Gina multiple times, and every time I am amazed at how accurate she is.  I have gone to other readers and no one else even comes close to Gina.  I hope to get more readings throughout my life. With her help, I have more insight for my problems.

I hope to, one day, have the level of insight that she has when she does the readings, and be able to apply it to my own.  You can just tell she enjoys doing it (you positively glow when you are reading!!!).  I wish you the best Gina, and that you will always find joy in what you do and that good things always come your way!!


I had a phone reading done by you on 3-31-09.  It was amazing how accurate and detailed the reading was.  Thank you for the advice about the spirit in my son’s room, along with the other ones that pop in and out.

I am truly excited and look forward to 2009.  Thank you for sharing your gift and your time.

S.A.  from Pennsylvania

Gina is AWESOME!  She has always been very accurate in her readings with me.  She also gave me a lot of hope when my premature son passed away.  Let me know about the bundle of joy I have now, Shiloh.  And a possible new bundle.  Well the more the merrier hahaha.  You are also correct with your predictions with my oldest.  I am sooo relieved to hear he should be turning around soon.  Thanks Gina!!!!

P.S.  I will definitely email you if there is another little one to come.

Thanks Again Maureen

Gina has been reading for me for almost 10 years.  She is the most accurate reader that I have ever met.  She is also very sensitive and not afraid to give her opinion regarding situations.  I found this extremely helpful over the years.  Her caring thoughtfulness has saved me from making many mistakes.  I believe that her strong point is with love and romantic relationships.  She is the best in my book!


My first reading with Gina was on my 30th birthday in which she said many things that have since come to pass.  4 years later, I felt I needed to see her again.  I had lost contact and had no idea how to find her.  By chance (spirit), I ran into her in the middle of nowhere, at a gas station, 100 miles from where she lived and 600 from my home!

I didn’t remember what she looked like and luckily, I was with the very person who led me to Gina the first time.  Divine………I now have regular check ins with Gina and the guidance is invaluable.  Thank you Gina.


Gina, May has been and always will be my favorite month.  Not only is it my birthday, but it is also the month my life changed forever and led me upon my life’s journey with you, sometimes at my side and other times pushing me and still other times pulling me! But mostly you simply laugh and enjoy this wonderful journey where every so often our lives join only to affirm and be thankful for your true gift of Tarot!  My readings have always been positive and insightful, mostly because you are one of the people who have encouraged me to trust in the Universe and the cards have always without a single miss, led me on this wonderful, happy, exciting life!  Thank you for always being there and for being true to your gift and for sharing it with so many.  To have a reading from you is the best gift I give myself a couple times a year and why I also tell everyone I can that if they truly want to grow and feel free, they need to call you and get their cards read.  Thanks to the universe and you and your mom and dad for sharing you with all of us.

Susan B.

I have been a client of Gina’s since the fall of 1999.  She was the first Tarot reader that I had the pleasure of experiencing.  All others that I have received readings from pale in comparison.  Her compassionate reading style immediately puts the customer at ease.  Her accuracy is excellent.  Each and every reading I receive from her is time and money well spent.


Gina, A couple of weeks ago you did a reading for me and I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me.  You made me realize that I was holding on to too much of my past and that I needed to accept change (as difficult as it is).  You also told me to tell myself multiple times per day that everything is going to be alright (even if my conscious mind and body disagreed) and that things would seem brighter.  You were right!!  My conscious mind and body still strongly disagree, but I feel as I’m at least beginning to see some light.

Over the past 18 months, I have been in very dark days, reading MANY self-help books, talking to priests, doctors and taking medication for my nerves, but you have helped me the most by simply helping to ground me and assisting me to begin thinking clearly again.

Thank you Gina, from the bottom of my heart.


I just wanted you to know that Gina has helped me so much in so many ways, from dream interpretation to readings to just plain listening to my experiences.

She is the genuine article when it comes to helping people in the best possible way, and always shining the light of hope in seemingly dire-straights and gloomy times.  Always full of great advice, wisdom, and speaking true, she is an instant friend to all, whether well-off or poor, sick or healthy, struggling or catching a break.

She is just plain great!  Her clear vision always astounds me in it’s accuracy, and her sense of compassion is compelling and heart warming.  She is the best reader I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with!  Bright blessings, Gina, and success out the yazoo!  Hee hee!


I have been consulting Gina for the past 16 years and on every occasion she has been a very valuable and one-of-a-kind source.  She is truly a gifted spiritual and professional friend that I’m grateful and blessed to have in my life over the years.  Gina is not only amazingly accurate and precise, she continues to cause me to have that “aha” moment every time I have consulted her on any area most important to me at that time.

I will always be grateful for her and will continue to suggest her name to anyone I know looking for reliable answers for life’s ups and downs.  If you’re looking for a warm, compassionate, wise and insightful tarot reader look no further, as she is the BEST there is!  Thanks Gina for all of the many years of divine guidance and you are and will continue to be A1 in my book!

T Hayes,  Cleveland OH

Hi Gina, As always, I am amazed at your ability.  During my last reading, you mentioned for me to be careful over the next few weeks and that if something doesn’t taste right to not eat it because I will get food poisoning.  Well, four days later at a catered work event, a bunch of us came down with food poisoning.

Of course, you have been right about so many positive things too.  My favorite was a few years back when you said that a coworker will come forward and mention he had a crush on me for years.  To be honest, I kind of didn’t take stock in the prediction and forgot about it.  Until about 3 weeks later when an old coworker set up a meeting ( for what I thought was a coaching session- since I was a corporate coach), and he came forward and admitted he has had a crush on me for 8 years!

Anyways, I will be interested in seeing how this last reading comes to fruition.  Thanks again for sharing your talent!